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Feature Film
Screenplay by Brian Paisley
Based on a story by Peter Houghton

Based on the little-known historical link between Apartheid and Canada’s 150-year-old system of First Nations Reserves/Residential Schools, IKHAYA (Zulu for HOME) is a political thriller set in turbulent 1990's South Africa.

After his brother is killed during a tar sands protest, TOM SNOW, an activist Cree doctor, volunteers for medical work in Cape Town just as Nelson Mandela becomes President. 

A brutal racial murder plunges Snow into a social/political maelstrom of black activists, disgruntled Afrikaners and a Special Forces reactionary commander, the driving force behind an imminent coup. Faced with escalating violence, Snow must choose to avoid further trouble or take part in its resolution.

Amid delirious opening day crowds at the 1995 Rugby World Cup, Snow confronts a “fall guy” encouraged to assassinate Mandela and create national chaos.   Though Snow helps avert catastrophe, another personal tragedy triggers his decision to re-engage with his own people’s struggles for Native Rights.