A Claustrophobic Thriller

A screenplay by Brian Paisley, Keith Digby and Martin de Valk

In development with Creative BC


 When two Marine Patrol officers find a washed-up shipping container on a remote beach, they uncover a nightmare experiment that threatens to destroy their sanity and their lives.


 On a remote northern pacific beach, two Marine Patrol officers stop to investigate a mysterious piece of washed-up debris – a full-size shipping container with its rear door open and a woman (Nicole, 40’s) lying wounded and unconscious on the sand nearby.

 Troubled veteran Alex Cruz (50’s) and keen trainee Bethany Rice (late 20’s) venture inside the container, only to find two horrific, emaciated corpses, one wrapped like a mummy, the other with skin flaking off and eyes bulging.  But before the two officers can return to their boat to report their findings, the container door shuts, locking them inside.

 Lights flicker on, and Cruz and Rice cautiously explore the hi-tech innards of what looks like some sort of laboratory and living quarters.  They discover laptops used as personal diaries by three healthy men in their 60’s: Jon, Kyle and Trevor.  Their diaries reveal them to be part of a medical ‘study’ being conducted by Nicole, under the auspices of an international pharmaceutical corporation.

 But what kind of ‘study’ is it?  Jon’s laptop diary reveals he’s getting quite sick with the drugs being administered to him; Trevor seems okay, but wary of the study’s purpose; and Kyle is the most skeptical, so much so he has smuggled in a tiny camera to document their interactions with Nicole and the alarming changes in their physical conditions.

 Cruz and Rice find the camera, and watch in horror as a gruesome story unfolds.  Jon and Kyle fall victim to an unknown degenerative disease, while Trevor seems to grow healthier every time he appears on screen.  When Crux begins to suffer like Jon and Kyle, Rice knows they have to get out of the container ASAP.  On the monitor, she witnesses tempers flaring, and the effects of a sudden storm at sea – explaining the two deaths and how the container ended up on this beach, but not what was really going on inside.

 Cruz believes Nicole is back inside, hiding Trevor somewhere - in a compartment they have yet to find.  As he rapidly deteriorates, he and Rice search, and discover the container is longer than it appears.  Facing what seems an end wall, they manage to lure Nicole out into the open.  But she wields a gun, and in the hidden lab behind her, Rice finds Trevor, transformed by the experiment into a terrifying mockery of a human being.

 In a final, bloody confrontation, Cruz wrestles with his personal demons as he and Rice struggle to defeat Nicole’s plans and the corporation’s determination to destroy all evidence of their secret experiment - and those who know about it.  Unfortunately, only one person will make it out of this container alive…


Second Contact

Second Contact
Feature Film
In development with Telefilm
Feature-length screenplay by Andrew Genaille
Co-Produced and Developed with Sir Perphoulous Films

Tait First Nation is a remote reservation, isolated from the rest of civilization; no television, no radio, one road in and out. With no real time connection with the rest of the world it misses out on the big things, the Olympics, global warming, and of course, the zombie apocalypse. Isolated enough, that while the rest of the world was being overrun by zombies, our hero Jason was preparing the largest bingo tournament the reserve has ever seen. When all hope is lost, when the zombies are about to win....they survive,  and as Marty puts it best “you wouldn't believe me, it's pretty far fetched....but very Indian."



TV Drama Series 
In development with APTN and BC Film
Created and Written by Andrew Genaille
Co-Produced and Developed with Sir Perphoulous Films

The Tait First Nations Reserve has ceased all land claims negotiations with the government, and led by their chief negotiator, Karen Cardinal, they aim to roadblock.  It’s not easy to do, Karen has to go through the politics of her band office for the support she needs; convincing the council that it’s not personal.  Against her, her father’s best friend Tommy who would prefer a more peaceful solution as well as Karen’s own best friend Rachel.  Supportive, but with his own reservations, is the leader of the local warriors society Peter John; he understands the implications but is taken aback by Karen’s lack of traditional politics.    Roadblock is half an hour behind the scenes that people normally don’t see of native insurrections, done with intelligence and wit that’s not usually associated with aboriginals on television.



Feature Film
Screenplay by Brian Paisley
Based on a story by Peter Houghton

Based on the little-known historical link between Apartheid and Canada’s 150-year-old system of First Nations Reserves/Residential Schools, IKHAYA (Zulu for HOME) is a political thriller set in turbulent 1990's South Africa.

After his brother is killed during a tar sands protest, TOM SNOW, an activist Cree doctor, volunteers for medical work in Cape Town just as Nelson Mandela becomes President. 

A brutal racial murder plunges Snow into a social/political maelstrom of black activists, disgruntled Afrikaners and a Special Forces reactionary commander, the driving force behind an imminent coup. Faced with escalating violence, Snow must choose to avoid further trouble or take part in its resolution.

Amid delirious opening day crowds at the 1995 Rugby World Cup, Snow confronts a “fall guy” encouraged to assassinate Mandela and create national chaos.   Though Snow helps avert catastrophe, another personal tragedy triggers his decision to re-engage with his own people’s struggles for Native Rights.



WHITE (K)NIGHT is a suspense-drama set during the social upheaval of 1970s San Francisco. With the ‘mass suicide’ of 1,100 poor inner-city Americans, in Jonestown, Guyana, one man, an arson investigator, must find his daughter; his search reveals a web of clandestine political activities that connect to a CIA funded population control experiment.