Back in the Day: seaon 2 - Life On the Prairies

Back in the Day – seaon 2 - Life On the Prairies
6x1/2hr Doc Series

Produced by Martin de Valk

Co-Produced with Sir Perphoulous Films

Directed and Edited by Martin de Valk

Alberta sits right on the border between the Rockies and the Prairies; creating a land as diverse in nature as it is in First Nations people.  Standing in one area you can see the mountains, the hills and the flats, at the same time you can be talking to the Dene, the Stony, the Cree and the Ojibway.    It’s also home to two central Cities, Calgary and Edmonton, where First Nations people from all over Alberta congregate; many of whom are searching for their roots.

Season two of Back in the Day will follow six men and women from these two cities, out into the Diverse Northern area of the province where they will be shown how to live as their ancestors did,  and given a chance to reconnect to their history.