TRUNK: The Movie

Feature Film

Directed, Edited and Produced by Martin de Valk

Screenplay by Keith Digby and Brian Paisley

Story by Keith Digby, Martin de Valk and Brian Paisley

Distributed by Industry Works Pictures

Cop or killer?  She’s convinced he murdered her daughter, and today is payback.  His pleas of innocence fall on deaf ears.  Lies are useless, mind games backfire, the truth doesn’t work.  In the end, the only way he can stop this death-ride could kill them both.

             A Claustrophobic Thriller

A MAN shakes the hurt and dizziness from his head.  Things come slowly into focus.  Coming around with a mighty pain - a whack from a baseball bat - prove to be the least of his problems.  He’s also locked in the stifling, almost airless trunk of a fast-moving rust-bucket of a car.  


A WOMAN’S VOICE tells him this is his living coffin. She tells him this is where he starts to pay for his evil.  He’s being driven to the abandoned boathouse where he tortured and killed her ‘baby girl’. She tells him that when they reach their destination, he will die a very nasty death.

Fighting the panic that will undoubtedly make his death inevitable, he persuades her to talk to him.

He’s not the killer, he tells her. He’s an undercover cop— the only one in the force who still cares about her ‘baby girl’, the only one still working the case long after it has gone cold… the only one able to bring her daughter’s murderer to justice…  If she kills him, they both lose.  If he dies, so does the case, so does the last chance of making sure that the true killer pays.

Almost at the abandoned boathouse now, but he’s close to success.  He’s persuaded her that he’s not the one who deserves to die a pain-wracked death… but he can bring her the one who does.

As the trunk lid slowly opens, his eyes adjusting to the piercing blue light of the sky that promises him freedom, he says that one thing too many, and the lid slams shut on his hopes.

Now, his fate is sealed, unless he can succeed with a desperate plan that is do-or-die for both of them.

Ten minutes of terror later, after a frantic, last-ditch effort, after a scream of tearing metal, air filled with choking smoke and the smell of burning rubber… a body floats out from the lakeshore.