K9 Mounties

K9 Mounties

6x1/2hr Doc Series

Directed and Edited by Martin de Valk

K9 Mounties follows the 17 week training program at the RCMP’s Police Dog Service Training Centre – and then follows up with 3 of the graduates as they put their training into action in the real world.

The dogs are carefully bred, specially selected dogs – mainly German and Belgian shepherds. They  are matched to  the personalities of their RCMP Police Dog Service handlers, and together, they go through an internationally recognized training program demanding self-motivation, tenacity and fitness from both dogs and handlers

Teamwork is the goal – to find lost people, track wrongdoers, search for explosives and drugs, and  protect VIPS.

From puppies to police dogs, K9 Mounties is a six part half hour series following an elite group of dogs and handlers.  We will run beside the dogs and handlers, tracking their progress, feeling their success and failures as they hone their skills, and bond into a team prepared to meet the challenges of the real world.