Survival of the Fittest: Stories from the West Coast Trail

Survival of the Fittest

LEO Award nomination 2008 Best Documentary Program - Nature/Environment/Adventure

1 x 1hr Doc 
CTVglobemedia, A Channels
International Pay TV: Scandinavia & Eastern Europe /  Free TV: Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary

Produced by Martin de Valk

Directed and Edited by Martin de Valk

Survival of the Fittest: Stories from the West Coast Trail is a heartbeat ride encompassing the sweat, stamina, and down-right stubbornness of the people on a quest to test their physical, emotional, and psychological prowess as they engange with Mother Nature.

This ain't no set-up of athletes or over-exercised actors. This is ordinary, everyday people engaging with real challenges that they have planned and anticipated for many months.

Survival of the Fittest: Stories from the West Coast Trail tracks the geographical journey and personal challenges one goes through to succeed at conquering the physical and environmental challenges that lure them off the couch and into the great outdoors.

Ever wonder what its like to carry a 50lb backpack over 75kilometers of rugged west coast terrain? It may seem like boot camp, or a punitive episode of Survivor, but in reality, it is the world-renowned West Coast Trail, located on the wild and remote west coast of Vancouver Island.

Everyday between May and September, 60 people from across Canada and around the world leave from either end of the 75 km trail embarking on a test of fitness and durability.

From 100 foot vertical ladders snugly fitted against rock faces, the the self propelled cable cars crossing rivers, the hihg tide charts and boat crossings by the local Native Band. Once you begin there is no way out unless you finish, turn back, or injure yourself. The Park Rescue Squad will only come if a real physical injury threatens your existance.

This is an expedition of a lifetime. Where smelly socks and muddy boots mingle with flickering fires and the unparalleled magic of the majestic Pacific.