Back in the Day: On the Mighty Fraser

Back in the Day SEASON 1

LEO Award Winner 2010 - Best Documentary Series  

6x1/2hr Doc Series

Produced by Martin de Valk

Co-Produced with Sir Perphoulous Films

Directed and Edited by Martin de Valk

It’s a question that’s been asked since Natives first left their traditional lands and moved into the city: how would I fare against my ancestors?

Back in the Day… aims to answer that question by taking six First Nations people from downtown Vancouver and putting them out into the wilds of British Columbia. Our collection of natives come from all walks of life; from a social worker on the eastside to an aspiring actor. 

Are they up to the task? How will they respond to a closed environment where the corner store no longer exists? Can they survive in “the past”?

Our participants will learn how to do everything from a traditional salmon catch to making their own shelters in the bush. 

Experiencing this steep learning curve will undoubtedly create an array of feelings and new appreciation. From frustration to euphoria our participants will be relying on their ability to adapt, communicate and initiate.

How will they respond to the challenge and a way of life only known to them through stories?

We will document our participants as they encounter personal and physical challenges in their attempt to succeed within the group.

The participants will be located in an isolated environment. They will have no access to the outside world except to ask for guidance from our Elders and Guides.

Back in the Day… is an intriguing journey into the past with the youth of today.

What will they come away with? A better understanding of our ancestors? A sense of relief, they we no longer live like that? Or a sense of loss? Back in the Day is about Young Aboriginal Adults reconnecting with tradition. 

For our audience, Back in the Day… will open a door into a living history few of us have ever seen.