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Wheeler's Everest

Produced by Chiaro Productions

Producer Martin de Valk

Directed and Edited by Martin de Valk

 A Feature Length Documentary presented by the doc Channel

Put yourself in Jeff Wheeler’s hiking boots… What happens when you realize you are the great grandson of one of the most courageous and intriguing Canadians that few Canadians have heard of? And, what if, one of today’s most heralded Canadian explorers, Wade Davis, could open a door into a world Canadian history has overlooked?  What would you do?

WHEELER’S EVEREST is a rich, multi-layered story - part history, part biography, but mostly, it is a personal and intimate journey taking Jeff Wheeler, Oliver’s great grandson, on a once-in-a-lifetime adventure that will reveal a forgotten part of Canadian history, highlighting the brave man behind the discovery of the ‘doorway’ to Everest in 1921 and the first mapping of the mountain and the surrounding Himalayan massif.

No ordinary documentary, WHEELER’S EVEREST is a personal journey, an odyssey of self-discovery for Jeff Wheeler, a quest to reveal his bloodline.   Jeff has heard some stories about his great grandfather but, as in a lot of families, stories of past events became the norm, lost their significance and eventually were taken for granted.  Jeff’s curiosity provides the filmmakers an opportunity to explore Oliver Wheeler’s under-chronicled adventures, daring and achievements, while watching his great grandson have an equally eye-opening experience.

Join Canadian mountaineer Jeff Wheeler and world famous explorer and author Wade Davis as they travel from London’s storied Royal Geographical Society to the French Battlefields of WWI, from the green mountains of Darjeeling, India to a climactic trek through Tibet’s legendary Rongbuk Valley, to rediscover Major Oliver Wheeler’s ‘doorway’ to the world’s highest mountain and reveal what really happened a century ago on the first expedition to Everest…