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TV Drama Series 
In development with APTN and BC Film
Created and Written by Andrew Genaille
Co-Produced and Developed with Sir Perphoulous Films

The Tait First Nations Reserve has ceased all land claims negotiations with the government, and led by their chief negotiator, Karen Cardinal, they aim to roadblock.  It’s not easy to do, Karen has to go through the politics of her band office for the support she needs; convincing the council that it’s not personal.  Against her, her father’s best friend Tommy who would prefer a more peaceful solution as well as Karen’s own best friend Rachel.  Supportive, but with his own reservations, is the leader of the local warriors society Peter John; he understands the implications but is taken aback by Karen’s lack of traditional politics.    Roadblock is half an hour behind the scenes that people normally don’t see of native insurrections, done with intelligence and wit that’s not usually associated with aboriginals on television.